Monday, 27 February 2017

Artist Profile: Lily Eve


Lily Eve


Bedroom pop, dream/jangle pop, lo-fi, indie pop, alternative



Lily plays all the instruments used in her songs when producing at home. However, she has specific band members when touring:

  • Lily - Vocals, acoustic/electric guitar
  • Zachary - Percussion (drums, tambourine)
  • Otto - Keyboard/synthesizer
  • Thom - Bass

Somewhat interesting facts:

  • Lily can balance a beer can on her head for about 1 minute 47 seconds - try beating that
  • Isn't afraid to bottle someone
  • It is rumoured that Lily has a shrine dedicated to her 'Is The Is Are' vinyl (although this isn't confirmed)
  • Remarkably, she only started playing guitar last year 
  • Dislikes: posers 
  • Likes: alcohol

Latest release:

Lily's latest release is her "..." EP. It provides a brief glimpse into her mind - dealing with personal topics and issues. It definitely isn't called "..." because she couldn't think of a suitable title. 

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