Sunday, 2 April 2017

Evaluation Activity 4

From my research, I concluded that my magazine would be aimed predominantly towards an audience of the younger demographic - ranging from ages 16-22. This was useful research for me, since it dictated the writing style of my articles, as well as the features of the overall magazine. It is important that I create my magazine "in line" with my desired demographic, so that I can reach my ideal audience. Having a younger audience is important to the success of my magazine - in my view - since younger people are likely to be interested in new and upcoming trends. I conducted a questionnaire in order to aid with this: my audience were asked questions regarding their lifestyles and interests, meaning that my magazine could be constructed around the livelihood of the audience. 

The gender of my audience was another important factor in my research: I decided that my magazine would appeal to both male and female consumers - widening my audience and ultimately resulting in a more accessible magazine.

Synergy/convergence is important to consider when making my magazine - especially since mine focuses on music. I therefore asked my audience questions about where they like to shop and what music they enjoy: in order for my magazine to connect with its desired audience, it's important that cross-media convergence is taken into account. Below is a screenshot taken from my questionnaire regarding the bands/artists my audience are interested in:

From questions such as this, I can gain useful information about my audience and cater the magazine towards them - for example, my magazine features a section about 'The Jesus and Mary Chain' and 'Slowdive'.

Audience Profiles

The following audience profiles are examples of the type(s) of people who would be interested in my magazine:

Name: Lily Eve

Age: 17

Interests: Photography, music, gigs, video games, film

Favourite bands/artists: DIIV, Radiohead, Beach Fossils, Blaenavon, The Wytches, Karen O, Joy Division, King Krule

Favourite places to shop: Independent stores (e.g. Pink Pigeon), Online (e.g. ASOS Marketplace, Hoodbats)

Name: Fin Quinlan

Age: 16

Interests: Playing guitar, skateboarding, gigs, photography

Favourite bands/artists: The Velvet Underground, Marietta, Mom Jeans, Merchant Ships, Car Seat Headrest

Favourite places to shop: Charity/vintage shops, independent stores

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