Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Evaluation Activity 5

There are a number f factors within my magazine that constitute towards the attraction of my desired alternative/indie audience. These are: iconography, challenging magazine conventions and the similarity of my magazine to other alternative music magazines. 


Presenting my model in the position of smoking links to themes and ideas of teenage angst/rebellion: themes that my alternative/indie audience would perhaps be able to relate with. The cool, vintage clothing and nose ring that my model is wearing also connote to the yearn for individuality - something that my magazine attempts to portray throughout. 

Challenging magazine conventions

I decided to challenge the traditional conventions of magazines by choosing to have a double-page contents page in a landscape format - in contrast to the traditional portrait contents. I feel that this helped to attract my alternative audience, since they are likely to purchase something that doesn't conform.

Similarity to Beat Magazine

The fact that my magazine gains inspiration from Beat Magazine could influence my alternative audience: they are likely to read other alternative music magazines and so will be more enticed to read mine.

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