Monday, 16 January 2017

Research: Audience

After deciding on the genre of my magazine, I used the UK Tribes website to help me decide on an audience: each 'tribe' represents the interest of a particular individual/group.

For my magazine, it is likely that the tribes 'Creative', 'Scenester' and 'Young Alternative' would be target audiences. All of these tribes are interested in being "ahead of the pack" in terms of music/style and stray away from the mainstream - a theme that will be prominent in my magazine. I'd like to think that my magazine could be somewhat inspiring, which is why I included the Creative tribe.

Despite my magazine's approach to 'Scenesters', I think it could also appeal to older readers - certainly those who were fans of shoegaze in their youth. I feel that it's important to broaden the audience of a magazine, which the genre of shoegaze allows me to do.

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