Sunday, 15 January 2017

Shoegaze Fashion/Style

Like most (if not all) subcultures, "shoegazers" heavily focus on style - as well as music. Zachary Cole Smith, from the band DIIV, stated in an interview that fashion is massively influential to him personally. Fashion and style are hugely important in identifying who a person is: for example, in the 80s, skinheads were widely recognisable from their shaved heads, boots, rolled up jeans, and bomber jackets.

It's the same with shoegaze. Jumpers, oversized clothes and long hair are all commonly linked with the genre - below are some images that I think portray the shoegaze movement in fashion. It will be important to consider the fashion that is linked with shoegaze when making my magazine; for the featuring artist cover/double-page spread, I will need to ensure that my model (artist) is dressed appropriately. I could perhaps include a "Style" section to my magazine as well.


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  1. Was an original shoegazer ( yes I am that old!). Pics are pretty spot on. Wore lots of vintage dolly dresses with my DMs and awful lot of crushed velvet. Boys wore oversized band T shirts with oversized cardigans with baggy jeans & DMs. Big cross over with grunge except shoegazing boys were more fey.
    Don’t forget we had to stand pigeon toed (deliberately) with hands clasped behind the back swaying to the tunes.