Thursday, 19 January 2017

Research: Photographers - Charlotte Patmore

Inspiration is highly important in any creative field, which is why I decided to research some photographers that I feel have cool styles. It will be useful for when I come to take photographs, as I can picture what I want them to look like.

Charlotte Patmore

Charlotte Patmore is a popular photographer within the indie music scene - she has worked with artists like Swim Deep, Black Honey and The Magic Gang. Her photos have gained increasing popularity on Instagram, and she even has her own t-shirts! I like how she uses both coloured and B&W film, with both producing fantastic images - she experiments nicely with colour and really makes the artist stand out. For her Black Honey series, Patmore also experimented with the use of flash: I think I would like to do this in my magazine too, since it makes the featuring artist "pop".

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