Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Style of Music Magazine 2: New Music

My second idea for a music magazine would be one that focuses on new music - featuring a wide variety of genres (alternative/indie, emo, hip hop etc). This is because it would allow for a flexible approach: I wouldn't be forced to meet a specific style of music, and could instead focus on a look that is more broad. Ultimately, I could make an easier final decision for photography and my articles could be far more diverse.

Some examples of new music magazines include:

Clash Magazine:

DIY Magazine:

Wire Magazine

Magazine Appearance

From looking at these new music magazines, there is a very obvious trend: simplicity. Each mag features simple, spaced out text that is clear to read. The front covers are highly clean - with a significant lack of annoying boxes of text. This is the approach I want to take with my magazine, as I feel it would suit the choice of music nicely, as well as looking great! My aim, therefore, will be to find a bold and spaced out font for the mast head, and a sleek and simple font for other text. In terms of colour palette, the text for these magazines is often black or white - and the overall colours for the magazine are minimal and simplistic, instead of being garish and flashy.  


Here are some examples of the music that could feature within the magazine - it will be broad, to symbolise how the magazine will have a variety of different music genres.

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